City council defers nearly half a million dollars for Gran Plaza Outlets

Gran Plaza Outlets, phase 2

CALEXICO, Calif. - The Calexico City Council voted on Tuesday to defer nearly half a million dollars in fees for the development of phase two at Gran Plaza Outlets.

We caught up with council member Bill Hodge on what this means for the community.

 “We were all very very concerned about this deferral. It’s almost half a million dollars and these are very rough times. But once we determined and it was clarified to us that there is no out of pocket expense for Calexico, it’s not going to hurt our budget,” said Council Member Bill Hodge of Calexico.”

The 4 to 1 vote that took place Tuesday will allow a deferral of payment for 90 days.

Mall developers will skip phase 1B and start on phase two in hopes of bringing economic success to Calexico.

Phase two is set to bring bigger name stores to The Gran Plaza Outlets. Ideas that have been tossed around are bigger name stores like Target, Home Depot, and Ross.”

 “I am not absolutely sure that these are the definite stores but over a period time I heard they are big box stores like Ross, Marshalls, possibly Target, possibly Home Depot,” added Hodge.

Hodge says without the deferral, it would of held up the project for four to five months.

 “This I see as a greater good for the community by creating jobs and phase two certainly will bring customers and jobs,” explained Hodge.

And what happens after the 90 days are complete?

 “Then they are to keep their promise and give us the $452,000 dollars for inspection fees.”
 “The Gran Plaza is our flagship, this is an engine of great economic expansion,” said Hodge.

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