City Hall employees fear for their jobs

City Hall employees locked out

WESTMORLAND, Calif. - Westmorland City Hall employees said they feel targeted by city council for speaking out against them.

City Clerk Sally Traylor said, “They took such a drastic action to lock us out of the city hall.”

Traylor, a city employee for over 30 years, said locks were changed at City Hall. Now, only two people have keys.

“The chief of police and the mayor now have access to the cabinet that has all the employees personnel files, which i don't think is correct or right,” Traylor said.

The office clerk told us it's become a hostile work environment.

“The office clerk has to be let in in the morning by the chief, and has to be let in and out at noon for her lunch break and then the mayor comes and locks  up at five o'clock, so she can close out her drawer . And then, at five thirty when she leaves at the end of the day,” Traylor said.

She said the lock change is a violation of council rules.

“If they discussed changing the locks and locking City Hall  out of City Hall in closed session, then that's a violation of the Brown Act because it was not on the posted agenda. The citizens, the public, did not have an opportunity to be present  to talk about it, if they so wished. So, therefore, our rights were denied,” Traylor said.

We spoke to City Attorney Mitch Driskill. He said the locks just needed to be replaced and that keys needed to be controlled and accounted for.

Traylor said it's part of a retaliation campaign for speaking out against the selection process of the new police chief.

“I saw wrong, and i tried to bring it to people's attention, and i'm being crucified for it,” Traylor said.

We reached out to the city mayor for comment, but he was not available.

Traylor said she plans to let the proper government agency know about the alleged Brown Act violation.

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