City manager resigns after barely a year on the job

CALEXICO, Calif. -

Calexico City Manager Armando Villa resigned just after a year on the job.

Villa made the announcement at Wednesday's regular council meeting. A former council candidate said Mayor Maritza Hurtado had problems with Villa’s administrative style. She voted against his hiring originally.

A city official said Villa brought many positive changes to the administration and was working on key development projects.  He said a strong city manager is vital to city economic growth.

Villa said he accepted a job offer in another city.

“Submitted my resignation to the city council, and the city council has accepted my resignation. I am going to be here for another 30 days and help the city with the transition,” Villa said.

Council Member Armando Real said, “In the short time he was in Calexico, I think everybody from the city and everybody from the county saw the huge difference. A lot of people don’t understand how important the administration is, specifically the city manager.”

Public Works Director David Dale will serve as interim city manager.

We reached out to Mayor Hurtado, but she was not available for comment.   

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