City of Brawley proclaims today as World Autism Awareness day!

Autism awareness day

The city of Brawley, approved a proclamation naming the month of April, as Autism Awareness month and April second as World Autism Awareness day. For the Brawley council members it was an easy decision.

Sam Couchman,Brawley Council Member said, "Yes it was unanimous. Certainly, the council wants people to be aware of disabilities out there in our community. So that they can interact with that and be supportive of people who have that disability, but families of people who have that disability. "

James Gonzalez, who received the proclamation, is not only the president of the autism support of Imperial County, but a father of an autistic child.  Gonzalez said, "we want to make sure that, everybody knows about it. Everybody is aware that autism is something that affect so many people. Not just adults and children that actually have autism but their families and friends."

To James, the moment the proclamation was approved, was a joyous occasion. "It's pure joy that cities are willing to do these things. Just to know that these community members are out there. They're part of the community and part of the society. And it just lets them know that hey you're apart, and we're apart of you 

James hopes that those who have been touched by autism, can open up and seek comfort with others in the valley. For more information on the Autism Support of Imperial County, you can go to their website at 

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