City of Yuma acquiring Diamond Brooks Water assets after failing to pay nearly $60K owed

Diamond Brooks Water fails to pay money

YUMA, Ariz. - The City of Yuma is now acquiring Diamond Brooks Water assets after the company failed to pay the city nearly $211,000 owed following a lawsuit.

The verdict was for statutory tampering and theft of city water.

The City of Yuma released the following statement Monday regarding the current status of the lawsuit earnings. 

"The City won a lawsuit stemming from a case involving discovery of an illegal tap into a City of Yuma fire service line. Diamond Brooks has failed to pay the judgment resulting from that suit. The City is executing that judgment through a legal process. The City has repeatedly attempted to collect funds owed to our taxpayers and water service customers by Diamond Brooks Water Company and is currently pursuing collection of those funds," the statement read. 

The water company was found guilty of reprocessing and selling the city water to customers.
The water was being taken from an unmetered fire suppression line located near Clark's PKC Enterprises Incorporated business known as Diamond Brooks Water.
We'll have more details on this story in today's newscasts.


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