City of Yuma formally files FCC complaint against Spectrum

Update on Spectrum Cable Conflict

YUMA, Ariz. - The city of Yuma has filed a formal federal complaint on behalf of customers of Spectrum cable.

The complaint was filed with the Federal Communications Commission signed by representatives from Yuma, El Centro, and Jackson, WY.

The cities blame Spectrum for failing to provide proper notice when the cable company removed local channels from its lineup.

In Yuma, KYMA, KSWT and Estrella TV have been blacked out on Spectrum since February 2nd.

The complaint asks the FCC to make a formal ruling on Spectrum's actions or order the cable company to give customers a credit for not providing the channels.

The blackout comes amid a contentious fee dispute between Spectrum and Northwest Broadcasting which owns the local stations.

Spectrum's parent company Charter Communications released the following statement:

“Northwest decided to pull its programming from our customers’ lineups. We cannot carry their stations without their express consent, which they have not provided us. This is simply how Northwest operates. Northwest has pulled its programming before from nearly all other tv distributors: DirecTV, Dish, and both Verizon and Cable One just last year. Our negotiations are about one thing: reaching an agreement that is fair to our customers,” wrote Charter spokesperson Andrew Russell. 

Yuma Mayor Doug Nicholls is in Washington D.C. this week for an annual conference and is hoping to meet with FCC officials to discuss the Spectrum situation.

Read the full FCC complaint by the City of Yuma here:

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