City of Yuma welcomes news regarding new VA facility

YUMA, Ariz. - The city of Yuma welcomed the news regarding the grant funding awarded for a new Veterans Administration (VA) facility expected to be built in Yuma.

The city, who advocated for the funding of the facility for four years, donated land in the area of Avenue 6E near 34th Street last year.

“Meeting the needs of our veterans here has been a top priority of the City and the region,” said Mayor Douglas Nicholls.

Referring to trips he has taken to Washington, D.C. over the course of his four-plus years in office, Nicholls said: “Persistence and solid justifications have paid off again for our military veterans. I also want to thank our senators, John McCain and Jeff Flake, for their help with this and their response to my letter and meetings on the Yuma VA home.”

The VA home will offer short-term and long-term care for veterans of the American armed forces. 

Although the city has not received an official letter or a specific dollar amount, city officials anticipate for the chance of more funds than its original request. This will help expand the facility's bed space from 60 beds to 80 beds. 

“With two military bases in our area and the number of retired military who reside in Yuma, it is easy to justify the expansion of the facility to 80 beds,” said City Administrator Greg Wilkinson. “Taking care of our veterans and bringing the new facility and jobs to Yuma is a big win for the region.”

Construction for the VA facility could start next year and it is currently being designed. 

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