County CFO in court after sexual conduct allegations with an autistic boy

CFO resigned after officers took him...

The former Yuma County Chief Financial Officer arrested for having inappropriate sexual conduct with an autistic teenage boy was in court Friday.

Scott Holt, 69, the county's CFO, resigned after officers took him into custody Thursday afternoon.

He is facing eight separate offenses, including sexual conduct with a minor, three counts of sending harmful material to minors and four counts of sexual exploitation of a minor.

According to Yuma Police Department Sergeant Lori Franklin, Holt was questioned about the allegations reported on Sunday and taken into custody.

Franklin said text messages and emails were found matching the allegations.

Kevin Tunell, Director of Yuma County's Communications Office, confirmed Holt's resignation and the assignment of Gilberto Villegas as Interim Chief.

A victim’s advocate from Amberly’s Place in Yuma released a statement on behalf of the victim’s mother in court Friday afternoon.

“It is all to me utterly disgusting to see a 69-year-old man with children and grandchildren to manipulate a young teen boy with autism. He doesn’t deserve a low bail. Imagine knowing this man is out there. People don’t change in a matter of such a short time. We are scared for my child since he is a boy with autism. He doesn’t know what true danger is. He is so influenced on what he sees online. Being with older men is a good thing to him. It hurts to see my child in such a bad condition. The mental damage that has been done to this young teen, with big hopes, and in the light of wanting to serve the people by becoming a nurse. It just wouldn’t simply be fair,” said the victim’s advocate.

Holt will be back in court on August 15.

The judge set his bail at $100,000. By state law, a state prosecutor will have the next two business days to review the police report and make a determination if they are going to file any formal charges against him.

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