City reminds residents to keep fats, oils and grease out of drains

YUMA, Ariz. - The city is reminding residents to keep "fog" out of drains.

Fog stands for fats, oils, and grease. According to the city, pipes are more likely to get backed up during the holidays. The city says this can eventually affect the sewer system. Instead of flushing fats, oils and grease down the garbage disposal, the city suggests scraping food left overs into a plastic bag and putting them in the trash. Greasy pots and pans can also be dry wiped with a paper towel prior to washing. 

"Please go ahead and put that stuff for example in a can, or a jar of spaghetti sauce, put it in the jar. It's ok to not recycle that one jar as long as that's what it's being used for to dispose of those fats, oils and greases,” said Dave Nash, City of Yuma.

To help out this holiday season, the city of Yuma is offering a limited supply of food scrapers for free. City residents can get them at the city’s public works services building located at 14th Street and 1st Avenue.

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