Congressman Hunter supports I.V. fallen law officer memorial

Congressman Hunter supports fallen...

EL CENTRO, Calif. - Congressman Duncan Hunter Jr. and father, former Congressman Duncan Hunter Sr., want to make the Imperial Valley Law Enforcement Memorial a reality. They, along with organizers of Saturday’s fundraiser at I.V. fairgrounds said it’s much needed in the area.

Organizer Wesley Boerner said, “There are several veterans’ memorials, and even more going up as we speak, but there’s not a single place you can go to honor the fallen law enforcement.”

Pioneers Museum is the selected site.

“They actually have a memorial complex in the back where the veterans are honored. And we’d like to incorporate the fallen officers into that memorial,” Boerner said.

The memorial will include officers from all branches of law enforcement.

California Highway Patrol Officer Shawn Angulo said, “We’re wanting to put together a memorial that will honor all thirty-nine officers and any other officers that end up paying the ultimate sacrifice.”

The memorial design consists of six pillars with an angelic figure in the center standing protectively over a kneeling officer. There will be a place on the pillars for the names of all the 36 local fallen officers.

The cost is over a hundred thousand dollars. Supporters say it’s worth it.

El Centro Mayor Alex Cardenas said, “We think it’s important that the community remembers the ultimate sacrifice that was made when protecting our community.”

Organizers said they appreciate all the help they can get especially coming from state officials.

“Congressman Duncan Hunter was kind enough and his committee to honor all law enforcement officers who have given the ultimate sacrifice,” Angulo said.

“Just providing a little more awareness, whether it be the people in san diego, the people at the state capitol, or just the locals that they can participate and help out with this endeavor,” Boerner said.

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