Construction Update: I-8 Corridor Project moving forward

Details on Interstate Upgrades

It's as the saying goes "You can't make an omelette without breaking some eggs" that's the same thoughts with Caltrans' I-8 Corridor Project. The 48-mile project which stems from the California - Arizona border and stretches across Imperial County to the San Diego County line. Crews are working to replace the aging asphalt with more durable cement pavement. 

   Now the latest on the five stage project shows that crews have already completed two stages near El Centro. Caltrans announced that they've completed work on the westbound off ramp which exits the Andrade area. Construction still continues in the area and Caltrans has posted signs to direct traffic to ease the flow of traffic. 

Detour Algodones Road/SR-186 to Westbound I-8: Motorists will proceed to the eastbound I-8 on-ramp, drive on eastbound I-8 and exit at Winterhaven Drive, proceed north and access westbound I-8. Detour Fourth Avenue (Exit 172) to Eastbound I-8: Motorists will proceed to the westbound I-8 on-ramp, drive on westbound I-8 and exit at Winterhaven Drive, proceed south and access eastbound I-8.

Caltrans asks that if you need to drive through the construction zone to please observe the posted speed limit and watch out for workers. 

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