Cosmopolitan claims that Disney costume is racist and posts false information

In a recent online article published Monday, Cosmopolitan asked Caucasian parents to not dress their kids as the Disney character Moana because it is "racially insensitive." 

Cosmopolitan is a fashion magazine geared towards women internationally. They have been around for over a century, with their first magazine published in 1886.  

In Monday's article, Cosmopolitan stated, "White girls have plenty of princesses to choose from — there's Belle, Ariel, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty … you get the idea. If your Caucasian son or daughter doesn't get to be exactly what they wanted for Halloween, encourage them to take a step back and realize that they're awash in privileges that the real Moanas and Tianas of the world will likely never see, because the world is full of racist a**holes." 

For years, Cosmopolitan articles focused mainly on health, relationships, and celebrities. However now the fashion magazine is putting their political opinions into their articles and some of what they write is false information. They continued the article by writing, "...the world is full of racist a**holes. And those a**holes are becoming even more empowered. Our President is a hate group apologist who tries to ban refugees from seeking asylum in our country, simply because of their faith. " However, the temporary immigration hold was not a ban because of their faith, it was for proper vetting. The countries on the list are not the only majority Muslim countries. There are several mostly Muslim countries not on the list, Saudi Arabia is just one example. The countries listed on the temporary immigration hold were also originally chosen by the Obama Administration. Obama did a six month immigration hold on Iraq during his presidency. 



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