CPR challenge: EMS week

YUMA, Ariz. - Starting Monday, May 22nd, National Emergency Medical Services (EMS) week begins and it just so happens to coincide with the world CPR challenge. The Yuma Fire Department, Rural Metro and several others are coming together to provide extensive training to the public in compression only-cardio pulmonary resuscitation also known as CO-CPR. 

Throughout next week they will be assisting the community for those that are interested in learning how to save lives. CPR instructor Alejandro Villasenor and Rural Metro's Charly Mcmurdie gave us the low down on next weeks event.  
"The CPR challenge is a program we're doing to reach the community and teach CPR to as many people as possible," said Villasenor. 
"This year we will be teaching the continuous chest compressions, it takes 15 minutes to learn it, its very simple and it saves lives. This is completely free and open to the public. We will be at all of the Walmart locations in Yuma from 9am to 11pm," said Mcmurdie. 
This training is something that can benefit everyone of all ages and for more details on how you can sign up and participate, you can call Rural Metro Fire Administration at (928) 782-4757


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