Credit card chip could pose new security risk

Credit card chip could pose new...

YUMA, Ariz. - It's a new consumer alert that could affect you and your finances.


The credit card chip is a new technology that was implemented to help protect consumers. The chip makes it harder for hackers to be able to obtain your credit card information, comparing that to the original way of swiping your card.


Now, the technology could put you at risk. The chip has the possibility of falling out, or if someone has the skills, the chip can be taken out and used. The chip can be used both at retailers and even online. 


Eric Frost, who is a safety, security, and crime prevention specialist, said that people need to be aware of where their card is at all times. If you have it secured, then it prevents people from taking your information. 


As always, if you find yourself being a victim to fraud, it's best to close the cards, according to Frost.


"It's always good to get fresh cards and cancel those old ones if your card has been compromised in anyway" Frost said. 


When reaching out to local banks to discuss the chips, they offered no comment. 



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