CW McGraw Elementary celebrates Veterans Day

CW McGraw Elementary celebrates...
YUMA, Ariz. -
A 50-year tradition at C.W. McGraw Elementary School has faithfully continued every year.

This morning their choir group honored local veterans. It was a patriotic celebration at C.W. McGraw as students waved their flags in the air. 
"On Veterans Day they honor all who answer to a service call. Soldiers young and soldiers old who fought for freedom brave and bold" shared the elementary class.
Principal Garcia believes in the importance of patriotism, "As an educational institution it is our responsibility to teach our students to be good citizens and that also has to do with respecting the flag, respecting the country and respecting the people that have sacrificed to give us what we have."
Local veterans are honored to have a day they can reminisce about their time in the armed forces 
"This kind of events, it actually brings a tear to our eyes. It makes it feel grateful and respected and it gives us pride in what we do and hopefully, we can help these children make a good decision in life and possibly join the military when they are older" shared former veteran, Bobby Garcia.
C.W. McGraw will be participating in the Veterans Day parade this weekend and they invite you all to join them.

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