Calexico man arrested on burglary charges

Man arrested on burglary charges

CALEXICO, Calif. - Calexico Police said 36-year-old Oscar Valdez was arrested Sunday morning as he ate his way through a large sized combo meal.

Calexico Police Officer Ruben Lopez “He’s going to be charged with burglary.”

It all started last Thursday with an alleged burglary at a Calexico downtown business on the 400th block of east 2nd Street.

“At about six o’clock in the morning, police received a call of a burglary,” Lopez said.

A man broken into the business and took an expensive item.

“The suspect had gained access to the business through the second floor. What the suspect did was shatter a window on the second floor,” Lopez said.

But police had received surveillance footage of the alleged crime from the victim.

“The victim advised police that the suspect was videotaped inside the business through a cellphone alarm activation,” Lopez said.

Officers reviewed the video and identified the suspect as Oscar Valdez. Other law enforcement agencies were alerted.

“The police did at that point was contact surrounding agencies and put out what we call a BOLO – be out on the lookout,” Lopez said.

A customs agent spotted Valdez at a downtown fast-food restaurant.
“Days later, a customs agent was having lunch in the downtown area and spotted the individual,” Lopez said.

Police said the agent acted as if he hadn’t noticed Valdez, dialed 911, and waited while keeping an eye on Valdez, who apparently was too busy eating and didn’t notice the agent.

“Customs agent contacted Calexico police. We responded to the scene, and apprehended the individual,” Lopez said.

Lopez said working with other law enforcement brings positive results.

“It’s very important that we work with neighboring cities, neighboring agencies because in situations such as this one they can help out in apprehending, locating suspects, victims, witnesses and things of that nature,” Lopez said.

Valdez is currently in Imperial County jail.

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