Day 21 - A key witness says that in a conversation Strong admitted to murdering the family of six

Day 21 "La Mesa" murders trial

The jury trial for Preston Strong continued Thursday with testimony from a key witness whose name has been withheld per court order in order to protect his safety. 

The witness says that in 2013 he was talking to Strong and had asked him about his involvement in the La Mesa Street Murders.

During the conversation the witness says he asked Strong:

"Weren't they trying to get you for those murders of that La Mesa Family?"

According to the witness,

Strong replied:
"They still are but they'll never get a conviction for that. I was too careful on that one.”

The witness says he thought Strong was joking but says Strong looked at him with a straight face.

Police say, the witness came forward to share his testimony two years later. The witness says he met Strong at family gatherings and his ex-wife was close to Strong’s ex- girlfriend.

The defense had filed a motion to prevent the witness' to testify, in which the attorneys used most of the morning to make their case.

"This is relevant evidence,” prosecutor John Tate said.

However, the court ruled in favor of the prosecution and allowed the witness to testify.

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