Day 24 - Defense close to wrapping up in La Mesa Street Murders trial

Day 25 of the La Mesa Street Murders...

The La Mesa Street Murders trial is wrapping up much sooner than expected. The trial could be wrapping up by the end of next week, which means we could potentially get a verdict by the end of the month.

In court the defense focused it’s attention on this flyer along with a sketch of the suspect that was distributed to multiple agencies, check points, and local law enforcement back in 2005.

Two witnesses testified for the defense, YPD local law enforcement employees, Detective Melissa Norred and Lieutenant Karla Simmons.

Detective Norred testified that Phoenix Police Department created the flyer along with the sketch of the suspect that was believed to be seen by a witness on the day of the murders.

The prosecution argued that detective Norred lacked personal knowledge of the sketch and that she was not a reliable witness. The prosecution added that Norred only participated in distributing the image.

The sketch that was distributed on July 21, 2005, described the suspect to be a Hispanic male, with black hair, believed to be 5’7 to 5’8, 220 pounds, and a stocky build.

Lieutenant Karla Simmons then took the stand. She talked about a report that contained a recorded witness interview. She collected them February of 2006, but the defense says the reports weren't filed until December 10, 2012, six years later.

Lieutenant Simmons said that at the time there was no guideline or policy when reports should be filed. Simmons says she considered that time frame a long time.  

The defense has scheduled one more witness to take the stand and is scheduled to rest its case Friday. The jury is expected to hear closing arguments next Monday.

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