Defendant in murder case tries to fire public defender a second time

Defendant in murder case wants to change attorneys

EL CENTRO, Calif. -

The man accused of murdering attorney Anne Marie Zimmerman insists he wants to fire his public defender.

Ioan Laurint appeared in court on Wednesday using a court-appointed Spanish translator. A close San Diego friend of his who doesn’t want to be identified, and has been at every hearing, said his English skills are weak. Laurint is originally from Romania.

The friend said, “He lived with Mexican people when he first came to the U.S. and that’s when he learned to speak Spanish.”

She told us why he wants to change attorneys.

“He called the Public Defender’s Office to change attorneys because his attorney didn’t go see him in jail. He doesn’t trust his attorney,” the friend said.

She says he needs professional help while going thru the trial.

“He is asking for psychological help from Mental Health. He’s not getting it. His attorney is not helping him get it,” the friend said.

She said Laurint told her what he remembers of the night Zimmerman died.

“He said they went to eat, to the movies, to Anne’s house, and after that to the motel and went to sleep,” the friend said.

She said he claims to not know what happened after that.

“He tells me he doesn’t remember what happened that night. He says he hears voices in his head and that he dreams of dead people. He says he doesn’t remember moving her car like they say they say he did,” the friend said.

The judge denied Laurint’s request to change attorneys. But did say that Laurint should get a mental and health evaluation.

Ioan Laurint’s next court date is on Friday, August 18th.

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