Disturbing details revealed in the case of a local woman accused of child molestation


EL CENTRO, Calif. - The Brawley woman accused of 15 counts of child molestation that includes oral copulation with children under the age of 10 was in court today.

Diane Deveaux faced the judge as multiple Homeland Security Investigators and detectives testified.

News 11’s Nico Payne was in court and has been following this case.

Deveaux was arrested back in February after a Brawley Police Detective was informed of evidence of child molestation.

The evidence includes 19 videos that were provided by Lake County Sheriff's located in the state of Florida.

Deveaux had claimed that the acts in the video were for clinical purposes but later changed her statement after videos were shown to her.

According to court testimonies, Deveaux was upset and unaware that these videos were kept by her boyfriend Richard Morgan who lived in Florida.

Deveaux claims that she would perform the accused sexual acts on the children to please her boyfriend because she was afraid that he might lose interest in her.

Homeland Security Investigations special agents say that Deveaux later realized what she was doing was wrong, and that is why the videos stopped.

According to testimonies Deveaux did visit Morgan in Florida with the children, and he visited her at her home in Brawley.

The testimonies also included chilling and disturbing details of Deveaux performing sexual acts on the children while Morgan watched and masturbated via webcam.

Closing arguments were issued; Deveaux’s next court date is scheduled for July 6th.


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