Local vet encourages precautions against rare disease that sickened fifty dogs in Phoenix

Local vets warn against rare bacteria...

A dangerous bacteria has spread through nearly fifty dogs in Phoenix, raising concern for pet owners. 

The disease, leptospirosis, is one that risks spreading from animals to people.
Pets love to explore the outdoors. However, owners may want to be especially cautious this year. 
Recently, more than fifty dogs in the Phoenix area have been diagnosed with a rare but dangerous disease known as leptospirosis. 
Signs of the bacteria include loss of appetite, vomiting, fever and depression. It can also cause serious damage to a pet's kidney and liver. 
"That's where the big problem is right now they're concerned about the public health issue," Haugo said. "It's contagious to other dogs but it is contagious to people and it's really tough to get a firm diagnosis in this type of disease." 
Dr. Cheryl Haugo, local veterinarian and owner of Desert Veterinary Clinic in Yuma says the disease is a complicated one, especially because a vaccine in not always the immediate solution. 
"We haven't vaccinated unless we feel there's a need for it," Haugo said. "There are a lot of potential complications from the vaccinations as well as complications of the disease." 
However, Dr. Haugo said looking out for it's risks is key to keeping you and your pet safe.
"Risk factors involve water, water sports, standing water,"  Haugo said. "If you have skunks in your property raccoons that get into your trash, those are all places you can have potential contamination that would be worth talking to your vet about vaccinating your dog." 

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