Downtown El Centro to receive upgrades

El Centro downtown renovations

EL CENTRO, Calif. - The city of El Centro has big plans to bring better lighting and ambiance to the downtown area this year.

One of the big changes we are going to see here is a change in the lighting infrastructure, were told it will light up the downtown area to give it more of friendly vibe. And another thing to look forward too is the food truck park that is set to open in late February.

 “We have a $500,000 thousand dollar lighting project that was approved by our city council that we are going to be implementing at the first half of this year. So there is going to be substantial supplemental lighting that's being added to the downtown area,” said Alex Cardenas, Mayor, City of El Centro.

Cardenas is hopeful this project will make the area look more attractive and bring more business to the city.

The city will also be offering parking variances to businesses who may be wanting to move downtown.

 “Downtown businesses are a very special corridor for our community and we are making major efforts to bring businesses down there,” added Cardenas.

One of those efforts will include a first of its kind food truck court that will be located on Broadway Avenue and 7th Street.

 “Within Meza Food Park we are going to have ten different trucks offering different kinds of foods. I want it to be a space where the community can be proud of it and as well feel involved,” said Rodrigo Gutiérrez, Founder of Meza Food Park.

Were told the food truck park is set to open sometime late February, and this city mayor tells us now it a perfect time for new business  entrepreneurs to get involved.

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