Local leaders in support of Arizona Bill 2082, proposing daily 50 minutes of recess for students

Arizona Bill 2082 proposes daily 50...

Ariz. - A bill proposing 50 minutes of recess daily for schools is making its through the state of Arizona. The Arizona House Committee on Education voted Monday to give elementary students at least 50 minutes of recess per day under Bill 2082.

If passed, Bill 2082 would mandate that all Arizona district and charter schools have 50 minutes of daily, unstructured recess for students in kindergarten through fifth grade. Arizona District 4 Representative, Jesus Rubalcava, introduced the bill.

Representative Rubalcava is a teacher himself, and has served as a School Board Member for the Gila Bend Unified School District for 10 years. He says the state standard is so focused on teaching to a test, and says students and teachers are unable to benefit from a break.

Rubalcava says Bill 2082 did pass unanimously in The Arizona House Committee on Education, but says it's time to educate the rest of the state on this topic as well.

Bill 2082 is currently under amendment and will be presented to the Arizona House of Representatives. 

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