Employee suspended at embattled pain management practice

Clinic Concerns
The termination of the Pain Management practice at the Bio Family Clinic in Yuma stirred frustration for many of its patients.
Many patients demanded answers as to why the shut down occurred suddenly. 
However, a public document released by the Arizona Board of Physician Assistants, states that the clinic's pain management P.A., Kimberly Hart, is accused of allegedly being impaired while treating patients. 
Moreover, the document sates the board received complaints from multiple patients, allegedly doubting Hart's prescribing practices. 
The Executive Director with the Arizona Board, Patricia McSorley said claims similar to Hart's are investigated, then lead often lead to the suspension of a P.A.'s license.
"We obviously have to take action if something like that is reported," McSorley said. In fairness to the physician and the physician assistant and [in order] to protect the public, we have those evaluations." 
The Bio Family Clinic has yet to comment on Hart's employment status. 
However, a P.A. in a similar position to Hart's would remain under question until the Board permits re-licensing. 
"The determination is you're not safe to practice, so you need treatment." McSorley said. "The treatment is determined by a professional and whether you can come back to practice is also determined by a professional that you're safe to practice and the public is not in jeopardy." 

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