Ex-YCSO deputy who killed two law enforcement officers dies

YUMA, Ariz. - The Arizona Department of Corrections confirmed to News 11 that former Yuma County Sheriff's Office Deputy Jack. R. Hudson, convicted of killing two law enforcement officers, died Tuesday at the Arizona State Prison Hospital.

Lt. Danny Elkins of the Yuma Police Department and Sgt. Michael Crowe of the Arizona Department of Public Safety were shot and killed by Hudson in 1995.

Crow, Elkins and a third officer were returning to their headquarters to check on paperwork. While in the building Hudson shot and killed Crowe and Elkins. The third officer escaped and called backup. 

Crowe and Elkins were Hudson’s immediate supervisors on the Southwest Border Alliance, a multi-agency task force designed to fight drug trafficking and other drug related crimes. Hudson was arrested and on April 30, 1997 he was convicted of 2 first degree murder charges then sentenced to two life terms plus 40 years.

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