Experts say local cable subscribers are cutting the cord

Cutting the cord

YUMA, Ariz. - It is day number 44 of the blackout battle between Spectrum Cable and Blackhawk Broadcasting. 

As a result, Spectrum subscribers have been without programming from KYMA, KSWT and Estrella TV. 

Because of this, some subscribers have decided to cut the cord. 

“One of the main reasons that we are seeing a lot of people cutting the cord right now is because Time Warner Spectrum is cutting a lot of the local news channels out," said Charles Burrows, Customer Service Specialist at a Best Buy store in Yuma. 

Some viewers want it all: cable tv, internet, phone, Hulu, and Netflix.

That comes with a price tag of at least three hundred dollars a month.

However, experts said you don’t have to spend a lot of money to watch a variety of programming.

“The antennas they offer local over-the-air channels. Here in Yuma over the air channels are a little bit harder to come by. Though we are in a very rural area closest antenna tower is about sixty miles out. So we usually recommend something with seventy miles or larger. But it does intend to work for everybody. Its very location-based," said Burrows. 

If the antenna doesn’t seem to work in your area, Burrows said there are other options. 

“We have Rokus, Fire Sticks, Apple TVs, Chromecast which offer subscription-based services that you can watch all of your programs on that.

Burrows said recently the Best Buy store in Yuma has been seeing more customers cutting the cord.

“This at one point was completely full around Super Bowl time and ever since then, they come on the shelves and [leave] immediately. We actually just received a truck the other day and as you can see it's already gone.”

If you’re not one-hundred percent ready to cut the cord, sample the world of streaming and watch your favorite TV shows on your computer online.

You can also watch News 11 newscasts online and on our mobile app. 

Hulu is also now offering KSWT Channel 13 as part of their subscription package. 

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