F-35 Combat Aircraft is a highlight at Yuma Air Show


Yuma,Ariz. - "You know when you walk out of the hanger, you smell jet fuel, it gets you excited and pumped up. Makes you feel proud to do what you're doing." 

Those are the first thoughts that come to mind to Pilot Christopher Brant.

"I mean it's always an awesome day when you get to start up one of these aircrafts and take it flying." 

The F-35 is a fifth generation aircraft with the latest in stealth technology. Brant says, it's the "best of it's kind."

"It basically has the most advanced capabilities of any fire jet in the world." 

The combat fighter is now going to new heights by being featured in the Yuma Air Show.

"Basically maneuver capability that's on par or better than any fighter airplane in the world. It can take off in a short off steer environment and also land vertically on board of an amphibian ship. 

When these fighter jets aren't used for combat or performance, they're stationed here in Yuma. It's become one of the trademarks in the community that makes Yuma a proud military town. 

"You know we're a closed knit family. They support us and we support them.I think it's a great opportunity for us to get together.For them to come out to the air field and instead of hearing us, they will be up close and interact with the military community."


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