Fired city employee threatens to sue


Westmorland City Council fired the city employee who questioned their police chief hiring practices.

Westmorland city officials confirmed they fired City Finance Officer Sally Traylor at this week’s meeting in closed session.

Traylor has opposed many of the council’s recent decisions, including the police hiring practices and the alleged hiding of misuse of funds by the former police chief. Traylor confirmed she has hired an attorney. City officials said they can’t reveal the reasoning for firing Traylor since it’s a personnel issue.

However, they confirmed she’s suing the city.

Another city employee, Sara Garcia, who supported Traylor fears for her job.

“I’m kind of afraid that I’m the next target because it seems that they’re kind of retaliating against the people who spoke up or supported Sally. And I was one of those people, and, of course, Mary Anne was one of those people. If they got rid of Sally, who else are they going to get rid of?” Garcia said.

Sally Traylor served as City Finance Officer for city of Westmorland for over 15 years and has served the city in other roles for over 32 years.

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