Former Mexican state police killed in Mexicali

MEXICALI, B.C. - A former police officer from Mexicali was brutally murdered outside his home accompanied by his wife at 448 Adolfo Ruiz Cortines Avenue of the Adolfo Lopez Mateos neighborhood in Mexicali.

36-year-old Nicolas Francisco Ibarra Pino was murdered  Oct. 11th aboard a new model Mazda. Witnesses say the blasts were heard throughout the neighborhood.

The home is only a few meters from an elementary school.

Nicolas was an agent of the State Police seven years ago and resigned voluntarily.

Nicolas presented a history of abuse of authority within the corporation and possession of narcotics once outside the force. Nicolas was denied entry for the CERESO, a Social Reintegration Center, as reported by David Lozano Blancas, Deputy Attorney for Special Investigations of the Attorney General's Office of the State.

The attack was from one vehicle to another. The deceased presented six bullets in his left side of his body, abdomen, chest, arm, and leg. Officials located bullet caps of 3/57 caliber and five bushes 7.62.

There are 122 homicides in Mexicali so far this year and two of them were young individuals, compared to 114 last year. This represents an increase in the criminal figure, according to information from the Baja California State Attorney's Office.

So far the Attorney General of the State is investigating to identify the identity and the location of the suspect.

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