Free immigration forum for the path to U.S. citizenship

Yuma, Arizona - The Mexican consulate of Yuma held a free immigration forum Saturday to help Mexican immigrants gain legal status

Deputy Consul of Mexico, Alejandra Mendoza and immigration lawyer, Marisol Angula each gave a brief presentation about the most up to date information on immigration reform and the steps required to obtain legal status in the United States.

This town hall style meeting allows anyone in the crowd to bring up any concerns or questions that they had about starting the immigration process. 

The meetings will be held monthly at the Mexican consulate in historic downtown Yuma until the end of the year and anyone looking to rightfully gain citizenship is welcome.

The forums also serve to straighten out any unaccounted for or inaccurate documentation like, missing birth certificates or unalike last names on identifications.

Consul Mendoza says, “It is extremely important for people not to wait to start the process because the current administration could potentially make it even harder to gain naturalization”.

More information about starting the immigration can be found on their website:

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