From horsepower to touching the sky; Gear Heads has it

Resident Gear Head explains

To some it's a passion and to others it's an addiction; but regardless of why you choose to devote your free time to fixing, restoring or customizing a vehicle there's always someone that wants to check it out. The "car show" is the perfect place to show off your accomplishments and maybe even inspire other enthusiasts to take their passions and dreams and turn them into reality. 

   It's called a car show, but if you look closer it's much more than that. It's a festival of vehicle passion  and I say vehicle and not car because, there's more than just cars at these shows. Gear Heads is hitting its 10th show and each year the show grows into something that no one expected. The show started as a meet and greet at a local jewelers parking lot and now devours one of Yuma County's biggest venues. 

   On Saturday, everyone and anyone is invited to the Yuma County Fairgrounds for this years show and according to its founder Jerry Bunte the show has caught the attention of other groups; which in turn means plenty more to see. Every year the competition grows and Gear Heads has grown to become a "can't miss" show. But, more is at stake here that just having people check out your passion. 

   Each entry is judged by a group of people that make it their business to know what to look for when looking at a variety of cars; be it a lowrider which in most cases will have a paint scheme that can only be described as moving art, a muscle car which they have to determine just how powerful it is just by looking at it and there's even bicycles and pedal cars and many times judging can be intense, especially as the show grows. 

   Gear Heads gates open at 9am-5pm and the cost for spectators is $5. Participants $15 for cars and $10 for pedal cars and bicycles. 

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