Groups show support for DACA in front of courthouse

Groups show support for DACA in front...

They were few and they were loud showing their support for DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) outside El Centro Courthouse on Tuesday, and hoping to get the attention of the White House.

United Domestic Workers Union spokesperson Linda Zavala said, “We hope to accomplish for the president and the administration to hear us, and to make the right decision.”

Zavala, speaking on behalf of UDW and Calexico Teachers Association, said they want DACA students to stay in the country.

“We are against what’s going on with DACA. We believe that they should stay here and our members were speaking and they were being united by other unions. We had the Teachers’ Association from Calexico was also there. They were being united with our members to protest against this,” Zavala said.

President Trump has said he’s ending the DACA program in six months.

“These students will be going to a country that they don’t know. They probably don’t even have family; they’ve never been there,” Zavala said.

She said DACA contributes to the national economy.

“They pay their taxes. If they’re purchasing stuff here, houses, cars, of course they are contributing to the united states,” Zavala said.

Zavala plans to continue showing support for DACA.

“We want to get together with the community and other unions to start making a coalition to be united to start having people come in our office and start organizing,” Zavala said.

She hopes congress will listen, even if the president doesn't.

“We already have on Juan Vargas, he is our congressman. I know he is behind us. He’s actually having something on September fifteen here in El Centro. And we will be there,” Zavala said.





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