Health fair organizers hope to prevent illnesses before they happen

Health fair organizers want to...

CALEXICO, Calif. - Calexico officials and organizers at the First Annual Health Fair said they want to prevent health problems before they happen.

City Mayor Maritza Hurtado said, “Fairs like these provide more detailed information to people who visit the different booths, where they can actually have one-on-one conversations and learn.”

She said there's a big need for health info locally.

“A lot of people in Calexico have diabetes, young people, old people,” Hurtado said.

Heffernan District Event Coordinator Tony Pimentel said, “The population of Calexico is mostly Hispanic and they have a lot of diabetics, high blood pressure between the communities.”

Over 30 organizations offered valuable information.

“We hope a lot of the families that are coming and the kids, they go home with a lot of information and they try to get a little bit healthy every day,” Pimentel said.

Monica Veliz de Leon, with the American Cancer Society, said these fairs help people take control of their health.

“Healthy eating and active living, there's a proven connection to cancer. We want to make sure the community knows what that link is and what they can do to reduce their risks. Just by becoming physically active, eating healthy food,” De Leon said.

The fair was in response to fears of a Hepatitis A outbreak.

“One of the reasons we did the fair here at the park is because right here there's a big population of homeless people so we have the health agencies talking to them,” Hurtado said.

City officials said they're considering washing the streets and sidewalks with bleach just like San Diego did to fight their hepatitis a outbreak.

“Yes. It has been definitely a concern for the city of Calexico as well,” Hurtado said.


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