High school football game avoids National Anthem

San Pasqual HS avoids National Anthem
San Pasqual High School finished their football season without the national anthem being played in their final game. 
The action comes amid controversy after a statement was sent out to San Pasqual High School Coaching Staff from Superintendent Rauma Fox stating new guidelines regarding not letting student-athletes "kneel" or protest during the National Anthem or they would be removed from the team.
The statement was sent out earlier this week after San Pasqual athletes received backlash for peacefully protesting at an away game in Mayer, Ariz. Thursday's game brought out both students and parents feeling mixed emotions on the new rules being implemented.
"I thought it was a violation of the student's rights," said Allyson Collins, a parent of a student at San Pasqual High School. "I believed that they are taking this experience that happened last Friday in Mayer of the horrible behavior on their part on our students. It was violent and they embarrassed them. I would think the conversation would be of the people reacting to people taking the knee, taking the First Amendment right to take a knee peaceful, and this student was demonstrating peacefully at prior games so why is it a problem now?" 
Some parents feel relieved about the National Anthem not being played at the game, adding it could add more "fuel to the fire" at school. 

"I'm glad that they did not because I think it only entices the students to do the opposite of what they (District) want them to do, although I believe it's not right because it's a freedom of expression," said a parent who wished to remain anonymous.
Below is the letter sent out to all the coaching staff of San Pasqual high school stating "Political Protest is not permitted during athletic events at home or away games, and violations resulting in removal from the team and subsequent teams during the school year."
Allyson adds, "If a person decides to protest, they have reasons to do that, that's their personal right, and it's been taken away."

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