High school student suffers heart attack during class

Student having heart attack saved by...

IMPERIAL, Calif. - A 14-year-old Imperial High School student was recently exercising with other classmates as usual during physical education class. He collapsed suddenly on the field. His two coaches rushed to his side.
Coach Richard Diaz said, “My student got about three fourths of the way and collapsed. We ran over there. We thought he was having a seizure, but it wasn’t a seizure.”
The teenager was having a heart attack.
Coach Wolfgang Horner said, “He was kind of crumpled up, so I moved him into a position where I could establish an airway and I started checking for a pulse.”
They called 911 immediately. That’s when the student stopped breathing and the coaches started performing CPR on him.
“We got through one cycle of compressions and press and the fire department showed up, hooked him up to the automatic electronic defibrillator,” Horner said.
Fire Department personnel were doing everything to save the student’s life.
“They shocked him. And they were breathing for him with a ventilator and his color came back almost immediately,” Horner said.
It was a close call, but thanks to the coaches and first-responders actions, the student’s life was saved. Their actions were recognized on Thursday morning to the applause and cheers of students and staff at a special school assembly.
School officials said the student is recovering at a San Diego hospital. They said the student is already asking for his homework.

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