High speed car chase from Calexico to El Centro

High speed car chase in I.V.

CALEXICO, Calif. - A high-speed car chase through Calexico and El Centro streets on Wednesday morning. Calexico Police said it started with a family disturbance at a home on the 200th block of Espinoza Street in Calexico.

Calexico Police Officer Peter West said, “We responded, got to the residence. As i pulled up, i noticed a vehicle in reverse coming out of the driveway.”

Police said the driver was 27-year-old Arturo Heredia, who allegedly had just attacked and bloodied his father.

“We did have our hand guns out. And i ordered him to pull over and stop,” West said.

Police said Heredia seemed to comply at first, got out of the car, but then jumped back in and took off at speeds over 120 mph.

“He goes around traffic at 111 and Cole Road, which is a really busy intersection,” West said.

At that point Heredia heads north towards El Centro.

“At this point I’m chasing him at speeds of a hundred and twenty miles per hour plus,” West said.

And Heredia was not slowing down.

“Passing vehicles on the left, on the right. He goes onto the center divider at Heber. Blows a red light,” West said.

At one point police said Heredia was driving against traffic.

“He came probably a foot away from t-boning a vehicle,” West said.

Police said the chase finally ended on 7th and Park Avenue in El Centro, where Heredia stopped his car, jumped out, and embraced a woman that apparently was waiting for him.

“As I’m getting out at gun point and I’m chasing him, there’s a female on the corner and he just grabs the female and he hugs her. It ends up being his aunt,” West said.

Heredia is in custody facing several criminal charges and possibly prison time over something police say should not have ended like this.

“Him and his dad were arguing about a remote control, according to what he told me,” West said.


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