Holiday travel has begun!

Where are you headed this holiday season?

Holiday Travel 2017

YUMA, Ariz. - The holidays are near and while spending time with family is what the season is about, the stress of how you're going to get there can often take over. 

Whether it be for financial reasons or not wanting to deal with the traffic, many our spending Christmas here locally. The Yuma airport has only two outgoing flights out of Yuma to phoenix and while this season is expected to be a bigger travel year than last, Yumans seem like they are pretty content staying right here. Out of the 10 people I spoke with only one was traveling out of town, here's what he had to say,

"I don't expect too much traffic on the interstate, but once i get into the city, i certainly expect to see a lot of traffic there.  It seems like Christmas isn't as bad as Memorial Day or Labor Day, that's when you get the big rush hour thing at the last minute."

Lucky for him as he is traveling to Phoenix, but those planning to travel to southern California on westbound I-8 should budget their time wisely. Expect delays on interstate 8 due to repairs being done, which will close one of two westbound lanes over the Colorado river.

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