San Luis family and local hospital celebrate the first baby born in 2017

First Yuma baby born in 2017

YUMA, Ariz. - 2017 is off to a very happy start for a local family. Baby Kiara Nicole Velazquez is the first baby to be born at the Yuma Regional Medical Center in 2017.

Jessica Velasquez, Kiara's mother, shares that she and three other mothers were expecting their babies Saturday night, and she joked that she and the other mothers competed to see whose baby would be born first.

"I'm super blessed to have her with me," expresses Jessica.

The hospital states that Kiara was born just after 1:00 A.M. New Year morning, weighing just under seven pounds.

Kiara's family welcomed us into their hospital room Sunday morning and shared their 2017 resolutions and the moment when new big brother. Enrique Velazquez, Jr., met his little sister for the very first time.

When we asked four-year-old Enrique Jr. what toys he plans on sharing with Kiara, he simply responded with a smile and said, "All of them."

Jessica says her resolution for the new year is simple: "To be the best mom I can possibly be for her and for my son too."

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