Holtville man arrested in Imperial shooting

Holtville man arrested in Imperial...

IMPERIAL, Calif. - 24-year-old Skye Acosta is behind bars for allegedly shooting at a vehicle and home in the City of Imperial. The victim discovered on Tuesday morning bullet holes on his property.

Deputy Chief Mario Luna said, “He came back outside and noticed that his vehicle had been shot several times.”

Luna said threats had been made previously against the victim by someone.

“There were criminal threats which prompted the investigation, and also led to the arrest of the subject,” Luna said.

That same afternoon, on June 13, Holtville residents Acosta and 23-year-old Amy Ulibarri were stopped along Aten Road and Dogwood.

After serving a search warrant, police found a firearm in Acosta’s home.

“There was more evidence that was located at the scene, as well as a semi-automatic pistol that was recovered through the search warrant at the residence, which was also booked as evidence,” Luna explained.

Acosta was arrested. Police said charges are pending against Ulibarri. She will be arrested later.

A neighbor who didn’t want to be identified said he saw a suspicious car the previous night driving by slowly several times. Someone in the car was shining a flashlight towards homes and cars in the area.

Acosta faces several charges. He’s being held on a $250,000 thousand-dollar bond. Authorities said it’s all thanks to good police work.

“Our officers responded rapidly and they were able to solve this crime the same day,” Luna said.

Police said the investigation is continuing and encourage the public to contact them if they have information on this incident.

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