Homeowner surprises alleged burglars inside his home

Burglars surprised by homeowner

CALEXICO, Calif. -

Three men are behind bars for allegedly burglarizing a Calexico home on Friday night.

Calexico Police said a homeowner got the surprise of his life when he got home on Friday night.

Detective Armando Orozco said, “The homeowner had arrived home and caught the burglary in progress.”

The homeowner surprised 4 alleged burglars, one of them armed with a knife. They fled taking over $2,000 in cash and property.

“The interesting part about this case is that the homeowner recognized some of the burglars,” Orozco said.

Police arrested that night 44-year-old Alejandro Mariscal and 20-year-old Edgar Ortiz thanks to information given by the homeowner and other parties that were contacted.

The other two suspects are teenagers. One arrested the following day with a resident’s help.

“While the officers were on the scene, they were contacted by a motorist saying they had seen a guy going into a house in the next block. Police responded to that address and found the suspected burglar hiding behind a tree in the back yard,” Orozco said.

A fourth suspect is still at large. Police said burglaries are increasing in the area.

“We’re going into the holidays, and that’s when we start getting a lot of thefts, a lot of property crimes. Best thing they can do is keep their homes locked. Keep them well lit. You see someone that doesn’t belong there, contact the police department so we can go and verify that they should be there,” Orozco said.



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