Hospice in Yuma prepare for emergency situations with drills

Hospice emergency situation drills

YUMA, Ariz. - You can never be too prepared for an emergency situation.

Hospice Compassus in Yuma and other groups are working towards a more robust emergency preparedness plan.

"The hospitals and the skilled nursing facilities have always had to have more robust emergency plan because they literally have patients on site that they're having to manage them. Ours are all in homes with caregivers or in facilities with other care givers but as of November 15th of this year we have to have a more robust plan in place,” executive director of Hospice Compassus, Amberly Davis Owens told News 11.

The plan is a work in progress.

"The county is actually very well versed in emergency preparedness and has been running monthly drills and meetings, there's a whole coalition that gets together every month and it's ran by Michelle Smith with the Public Health and Emergency Preparedness group,” Owens said.

The coalition has put together an emergency contact list.

"Recent things we've just done is put together a list of owners and directors of all our local board and care homes, assisted living, independent care facilities, skilled nursing facilities, home health and hospice agencies..." she said. "If there is an emergency we can send out one text and it gets to everybody just saying that our patients are accounted for," she added.

On October 19 at 10:19 a.m. the hospice center joins local schools and other community members in an earthquake drill.

"You're probably not going to see a lot of moving and shaking in regards to people running places and doing all of that because what we're basically going to do is the earthquake comes out, everyone in the office does what they are supposed to do, we assess the damage and then we start accounting for our patients and what they need," Owens explained.

Aside from the 27,553 people in Yuma that will take place in this drill, over 37 million across the world will also participate.

"We're very lucky in the fact that we don't get hit by the things that we are seeing across the country but we could and so we have to be prepared for those things," Owen said.

For more information on the drill taking place in October visit The Great ShakeOut.

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