How did YUHSD schools rate?

YUMA, Ariz. - UPDATE: The following statement was released Monday by the Arizona School Boards Association regarding further guidance related to A-F Accountability Grades: 

The State Board of Education (SBE) distributed a guidance document today clarifying that grades posted on the SBE website on Oct. 9 will be followed by a further review process. SBE will take public comment at a series of meetings through the month of October. The board will also engage in a process of evaluation via the newly-created technical advisory committee to review the current letter grades, with a goal of finalizing 2016-17 letter grades within the next three months.”

ORIGINAL ARTICLE: The Arizona State Board of Education announced its A-F School Accountability grades for schools across the state, including Yuma Union High School District, Monday.

Each letter grade has the following meaning: A - excellent; B - highly performing; C - performing; D - minimally performing and F - failing.

The grades for YUHSD campuses are as follows:

Yuma High School


Kofa High School


Cibola High School


San Luis High School


Gila Ridge High School


*Vista High School did not receive a grade because the State Board of Education is in the process of determining the score calculations for alternative schools.

“The A-F accountability system is another tool that we can utilize to make sure our campuses are providing the most effective classroom experience for our students,” YUHSD Interim Superintendent Gina Thompson said. “The grades, while informative, will not define our district or our schools. As we move forward, our schools will continue building on the plans being currently implemented. Our mission includes continuing to know every single student and ensuring we use the best data available to us.”                  

After a two-year hiatus allowing for a transition to higher academic standards and a new assessment, the State Board of Education adopted a new A-F School Accountability plan effective for the 2016-2017 school year. The new plan adopted by the Board complies with the requirements of A.R.S. §15-241 and the accountability provisions of the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), while recognizing the opportunity to measure the quality of a school and its effectiveness across a broader range of measures than in the past.

The Arizona Department of Education calculates the letter grades based on the system

adopted by the State Board of Education.

The system quantitatively measures student proficiency and annual growth in key

areas as well as readiness to take the next step in their education or career. Specifically,

schools annually earn a letter grade based on a range of comprehensive measures


• Proficiency in English Language Arts, Math and Science

• Growth in English Language Arts and Math

• Proficiency and Growth of English Language Learners

• Graduation Rate

• Acceleration and Readiness Measures, which consists of several measures

including chronic absenteeism and the improved growth of subgroups

(economically disadvantaged, special education, etc.)

• College and Career Readiness Indicators, which includes passing the ACT or SAT

or earning an industry credential, certificate or license

To assist with additional questions, the State Board of Education provided the following Frequently Asked Questions document on its website:

To learn more about YUHSD schools, the District welcomes community members to sign up for a patron tour online ( and select the campus of their choice.

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