Hunters favor local area for dove hunting

Hunters favor area for dove hunting...

BRAWLEY, Calif. -

Orange County resident Marty Dufek said Imperial Valley is a great place to hunt dove.

“There’s a lot of doves here. And we’ve been coming here for years,” Dufek said.

He said planning and patience are vital in successful hunting as he laid down his 11 birds on Sunday morning at a field south of Brawley. The limit is 15 doves per day.

“You come out the day before and you stake out a good spot where the fly-zone is. And then you get up early. And just wait for them to fly over,” Dufek said.

Anthony Rodriguez, another hunter in Dufek’s party, said safety is always first.

“When you’re trailing a bird, you want to make sure you see sky, because there are hunters out on the field, and you never want to shoot low. If you do knock a bird down, you want to catch it, just grab it on the ground rather than shoot it on the ground because it’s just not safe. You can get ricochets, there could be somebody down field,” Rodriguez said.

Raul and Dezmon Franco, a father and son team, said it’s a great bonding experience.

“It’s my first time and my son’s, who’s down there,” Franco Sr. said pointing at his son down range with a wave of the hand.

“My dad and I talked about it and his friends go hunting a lot. So, we bought our shotguns. Let’s try it out. This is our first time. It’s really fun,” Dezmon explained.

Hunting season starts September first. It ends September 15th.

Each man had his own personal reason for enjoying hunting.

“It’s a sport to me and a way of life as well,” Dufek said.

“Just to get away from the routine and have a good time with the guys,” Franco Sr. said.

“The adrenalin rush of when you see a bird you have to aim and take the shot,” Dezmon said.

“And the birds taste good,” Rodriguez added.

Dufek reminded us to remember those waiting back home as he raised two doves, one in each hand, displaying a T-shirt that read, I love my wife.

“Honey! I really was hunting this weekend,” Dufek exclaimed, which made his hunting party break out in laughter.

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