IID gives tours to show off their work

IID provides tours of their energy and Salton Sea projects

IMPERIAL COUNTY, Calif. - Imperial Irrigation District said on Wednesday they’re to improve the environment. To prove it, they’re willing to give the public a tour.

IID Marketing & Communications Specialist Susie Carrillo said, “Have the public get firsthand knowledge of what actually is taking place with the Salton Sea, with Imperial Dam – how our water system works.”

Three tours: February 7th, 8th and 13th, each lasting about five hours.

“They’re going to see all of the work that IID is doing to save the Salton Sea, that it’s not just hearsay,” Carrillo said.

Special speakers will be aboard each chartered bus talking to the nearly forty visitors.

“This is first-hand knowledge from our experts that are familiar working on these projects,” Carrillo said.

They’ll highlight the over ten million dollars’ worth of work in the area.

“So people know what the future of the Salton Sea is; what IID’s action plans are and how we’re doing our best to save the Salton Sea,” Carrillo said.

She explained that the tours are part of over a hundred activities annually to keep the public informed.

“Doing one this year for imperial dam and the All-American Canal because we would like to educate the public as to how our water system works, how it starts from the Colorado River and on down all the way to our main canals here,” Carrillo said.

She said in case someone misses the February tours, more are planned in the fall.

For more information, the public can visit

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