Imperial County is working with Mexicali to fix ozone levels

Imperial County works with Mexicali to fix ozone levels

Imperial County Air Pollution Control District said on Thursday the region has a serious problem overhead and all around.

ICAPCD Official Reyes Romero said, “There’s a problem with ozone, that we have exceeded the national standard for ozone.”

At workshops in El Centro and Calexico on Thursday, Romero said ozone levels are affected mostly by pollution coming across the border.

“We are demonstrating thru this document that we would be in attainment with this standard but for transport of ozone from Mexicali, Mexico,” Romero said.

Working with partners across the border helps.

“Trying to find ways or projects to reduce emissions in Mexicali,” Romero said.

A slight improvement in ozone data presented in the workshops showed the collaboration is working.

“There is a problem with ozone, but there is hope,” Romero said.

An official from a Mexicali environmental group said more work is needed.

Fernando Flores Pradez, Observatorio Ciudadano of Baja California, said, “We have a lot of factories, lots of regulations, but also a lot of pollution. It affects the border area.”

He said pollution has no borders.

“Pollution travels. It has no walls. It doesn’t stop,” Pradez said.

He said Mexicali city officials want to fight pollution.

“They prohibited the sale of fireworks in December. That helped a lot. It showed strength of will,” Pradez said.

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