Imperial County reports three West Nile virus cases this year

IMPERIAL COUNTY, Ariz. - The Imperial County Public Health Department has confirmed three cases of West Nile virus in local residents. 

Two cases were identified as neuroinvasive illness, the most severe form of West Nile virus (WNV). 

The symptoms involved in all three cases occurred from mid-July through late August.

The cases do not have relation to each other and the median age of the individuals is 68 years. 

All three have been released from care and are now recovering. 

“These reports of West Nile virus serve as a reminder of the importance of taking precautions against mosquito bites,” said Dr. Stephen Munday, Health Officer for Imperial County.

“Mosquitoes infected with viruses such as WNV and St. Louis encephalitis are currently active in Imperial County. We urge everyone to take simple steps to eliminate mosquito breeding sources around their homes in order to protect themselves, their loved ones, and communities.”

Those infected with West Nile virus do not experience any symptoms; however, there are others that may suffer from fever, headache and body aches. 

WNV can be severe for the elderly and individuals with lowered immune systems.

To date, there have been no WNV-related deaths in Imperial County. 

West Nile virus is transmitted to humans and animals through a mosquito bite. Mosquitoes become infected when they feed on infected birds. 

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