Imperial County Sheriff confirms talks with Westmorland city officials for possible services

WESTMORELAND, Calif. - The Imperial County Sheriff’s Office said on Friday that they’re discussing with the north end town of Westmorland possible services. This would mean assigning five officers for the area, the same amount the city currently has.

On Friday, Westmorland’s Police Chief Fred Beltran,Sr., confirmed he was retiring at the end of May.

An anonymous source told us the Westmoreland Police Officers Association recently gave the chief a vote of no confidence, alleging there were problems in the department. The source also said they are preparing a vote of no confidence on the police commissioner and the city’s attorney, as well. The association is currently negotiating their contract with the city.

The Sheriff’s Office claims to know nothing about those problems. They’re waiting on Westmorland city officials to respond to their offer for services.

ICSO Under-Sheriff Fred Miramontes said, “We had a discussion at the beginning of the week and they asked for figures and numbers of what the cost would be for general law enforcement. We are waiting for them to digest the numbers that we presented to them. Ultimately, that would be a discussion that if it were to take place between the sheriff and the county CEO and the Board of Supervisors.”

Westmorland is a town of nearly 2,300 according to a 2014 census.

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