Imperial County swears in new board representatives for 2017

Imperial County Board swearing in 2017

EL CENTRO, Calif. - The Imperial County Board of Supervisors kicked off the New Year with a swearing in ceremony.

Among the newly sworn in supervisors were two re-elected recipients and one incoming supervisor.

Supervisor elect, Luis Plancarte and re-elected supervisors Michael Kelley and Ryan Kelley took the oath of office on Tuesday.

Shortly after, the board selected Michael Kelley as Chairman and Raymond Castillo as Vice-Chair for the 2017 calendar year.

Today’s meeting was mostly ceremonial but some important topics were brought to light, such as the clean-up of the Salton Sea, renewable energy and better roadways in Imperial County.

 “In west shores we’ve had cleanups in Desert Shores and Salton Sea Beach. We put a signal on highway 86 and S-22, it may an inconvenience on your way to Los Angeles and Coachella Valley but it’s a safer drive now,” said Ryan Kelley, Board member of District 4.

 “I think we can power the desalination plants with geothermal energy from this county and that is one of the things I’d like to see promoted here,” mentioned Raymond Castillo, Vice-Chair, District 5.

It was also a special moment for former chairman Jack Terrazas who received a special gift from the new board as he said his good bye.

 “They’re quality people and I hope that as long as they are there you keep them and if by chance you know we don't do the job then you let us know. Thank you all and adios,” said Jack Terrazas, Former Board Chairman.

 “It’s a dynamic thing to be able to be the leader of such a wonderful board. We have a lot of big issued coming before Imperial County and we work so good together throughout the entire county, throughout the state and with the federal government, so it’s going to be an exciting year,” said Michael W. Kelley, Chairman of the board.

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