In the wake of Tax Day: Locals march to Yuma Courthouse

Tax Day

YUMA, Ariz. - Protests broke out across dozens of cities throughout the country on Tax Day, including one in Yuma on Saturday.

The movement that made national headlines was led by protesters demanding President Trump release his personal taxes. 
Among those supporting the Yuma Tax March on Saturday march was Arizona Representative Raul Grijalva. 
"We did not elect a dictator," Grijalva said. "We elected a President and the sanctity of that office demands that the character the integrity of the person at that office be at the top." 
Arizona Representative Charlene Fernandez was a keynote speaker and she said she anticipates to see public anger and consequences in the office. 
"I think that people are not are going to let this go," Fernandez said. "I think we'll see it in the November elections in 2018 and I think we'll see it in 2020."
While many support the movement, some disagree with the request. 
Oh Thursday, Arizona Senator Jeff Flake said he wouldn't support the efforts congress is pushing to make Trump's taxes public. 

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