Arizona law enforcement not monitoring California's recreational pot from crossing state lines

YUMA, Ariz. - The New Year is bringing in new laws. As of Monday, January 1st, recreational pot is now legal in California, as many dispensaries prepared for long lines.


Our neighbor, California, is now producing massive amounts of marijuana and that could impact Arizona.


In Arizona, only medical marijuana is legal. Patients who are over 18, have a valid Arizona identification card, have a residential address and have at least one qualifying condition can obtain a medical card.


Those who don't have their medical card may resort to California to get their pot.


Law enforcement in Arizona is still warning marijuana consumers to be smart.


Yuma Police Department said they aren't implementing any enforcement measures to make sure Arizona residents aren't bringing in any recreational marijuana into the state.


However, those who are entering Arizona still have to comply with the state's laws.


If you are pulled over in Arizona and are in possession of marijuana, you must present your Medical Marijuana Registry Card that complies with Arizona. If you are found in possession of marijuana and are without a card, consequences remain the same, said Arizona's Department of Public Safety (DPS). 


"Arizona does not allow for recreational use so if you come into this state, are stopped and in possession of marijuana without a card, you will be charged accordingly," said Bart Graves, spokesman for Arizona DPS.


As always, law enforcement is warning drivers that driving while under the influence is still in violation of DUI law.


"You will be subject to everything that pertains to DUI laws if caught driving under the influence of marijuana," Graves said. 


Both Yuma Police and Arizona DPS said they will not be conducting targeted enforcement.


We reached out to the Department of Drug Administration's Phoenix Office regarding if they are taking any different approaches but we have not heard back from them. 

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